About Anisa

Talking about the most intimate parts of our being takes courage. Many people find talking about sexuality difficult. Creating a therapeutic relationship that allows trust and a sense of security to grow and help the healing is central to my work.

Qualifications & Membership

Bachelor of Psychology (Major in Psychotherapy)

Master of Science in Medicine in Sexual & Reproductive Health (Psychosexual therapy)

Member of the Australian Counselling Association

Member of the Society of Australian Sexologists

A few words about me

Hello and welcome.

I am a clinical sexologist currently living in Adelaide, South Australia.  

I am passionate about my work as a sexologist as I have the privilege to be part of people's journey to discover and re-discover what is fulfilling, meaningful and pleasurable for them. I have worked with couples, individuals and people in polyamorous relationships to support them with their relationships, sense of identity , sex life or  exploring how they can connect with their authentic self. 

Areas of my interest and speciality:  gender & sexual identity, cultural influence on sexuality, polyamorous relationships, changing unwanted sexual behaviours.

When I am not at work I am probably  writing, hiking, watching lengthy art-house films or discovering new and exciting places around the world.